The summer Discounts!!

Vacation time, in Nanapaprika, it's time discounts, during the summer shipping is free, each week a different destination.**

from July 12 to 18: Europe.
from July 19 to 25: North America (USA, Canada)
from July 26 to August 1: South America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba ....)
from August 2 to 8: Asia (China, japan, russia, india, ...)
from August 9 to 15: Australia and Indonesia.
from August 16 to 22: Africa, Middle East

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**Offer valid for all regular shipping.

Nanapaprika at the first european Lolita's convention!!

A convention on the lolita and fashion inspirated by lolita, combining Japanese and European brands, as well as various artists, with activities and workshops, fashion shows, tea party brand, concert, exhibitions of photos and illustrations .

It takes place in Espace Beaurepaire, 28 rue Beaurepaire, 75010 Paris. the 4 & 5 July 2010.

Nanapaprika will be present only the Monday 5 July 2010. :D

convention lolita

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Another little thing that adds to our first collection: Adelina.

A underbust corset skirt and a bolero, inspired by a evening dress of 1860, mixing striped fabric pink and white on black background, and pink silk. ( striped fabric 100% polyester, pink fabric 100% silk, lining 100% polyester)


Price: Bolero: 250€
          Skirt : 300€

Nanapaprika at made in asia 2 - Bruxelles

Nanapaprika will be present at the show Made In Asia, which takes place in Brussels on March 13 and 14 , 2010, and the free opening night of March 12 from 19h to 21h.
The exhibition will be held at Park of exibition of Bruxelles.

You will discover lots of new accessories that Nana is making specially for the occasion and the latest models!

Nanapaprika at Boddywood!!

At 15 rue Keller in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, this is the lair of Fizzy, King of Hell's bear. He prepares his revolution in his headquarters otherwise known Boddywood! Objective: transform young virgin innocent, to Lolitas sadistic and perverse. He hopes this bloody army, will make end of the dictatorship of "Gray", people without second degree and nasty that crush us for too long!!
Nanapaprika is pleased, today, to join Fizzy troops ! You can discover the first pieces of the collection in Boddywood.
What you stay behind your screen! Go, go, go at Boddywood, you'll be greeted by the princess of the kingdom: Madame Cocotte!